Conference: “The Narrative of Islamic Violence in History. Creation, Artifice and Reality”

Flyer: The Narrative of Islamic violence in History. Creation, artifice and reality
This conference would like to focus on the binomial real vs. artificial imagery of Islamic religious violence referring to historical- religious narratives as expressions of inter-faith violence in different geographical areas of the Islamic world, from al-Andalus to the Indian Subcontinent and from the contemporary age to early Islamic centuries.

Deadline for abstracts: 30th April 2018

Please find the full call for papers here.

Islamic Scientific Manuscripts Initiative (ISMI)


Image from codex Petermann I 673, Staatsbibliothek Berlin, f. 98a

Image from codex Petermann I 673, Staatsbibliothek Berlin, f. 98a

The Max Planck Institute for the History of Science starts the “Islamic Scientific Manuscript Initiative” (ISMI).

The mission of the Initiative (ISMI) is to make accessible information on all Islamic manuscripts in the exact sciences (astronomy, mathematics, optics, mathematical geography, music, mechanics, and related disciplines), whether in Arabic, Persian, Turkish, or other languages. Continue reading

Conference: “Future of Salafism”

This conference is aimed at bringing together established scholars, post-doctoral researchers, as well as doctoral students who can offer original insights into how Salafi thought, and the diverse set of groups inspired by it, are evolving in different contexts in light of the post-Arab Spring developments and the changes unfolding within Saudi Arabia.

Deadline for abstracts:15th June 2018.

Please find the full call for papers here.

Conference: Law, Islam and Anthropology

Poster: Law, Islam and Anthropology

The Max Planck Institute for Social Anthropology in Halle hosts a conferece on Law, Islam and Anthropology.

It is organized by Marie-Claire Foblets and Hatem Elliesie (Department of Law and Ethnology, MPI) in collaboration with the Arabic and Islamic Law Association (GIAR), Chairperson: Irene Schneider, and the Vereniging RIMO (Vereniging tot bestudering van het recht van de Islam en het Midden Oosten), Chairperson: Susan Rutten.

Registration is possible till 5 November 2018 via email to

Here you will find the event programme.