The Logo of the FID Middle East


The logo of the Specialised Information Service (FID) Middle East, North Africa and Islamic Studies) serves to quickly identify and recognise all publications and services provided by the FID. It consists of the signet and a two-line lettering.


The signet associates a window or archway from Islamic architecture. It is intended to create a link to the regional and thematic orientation of the FID (MENA region and Islam).



For the lettering, mainly the variant for the “main brand Specialised Information Service” is used (“FID Nahost Nordafrika und Islamstudien”). Commas and hyphens have been omitted for design reasons. This variant is also supposed to be used by third parties to refer to the FID.

The FID lettering is only used in German. In international contexts, we recommend adding the following English translation at an appropriate position:

“Specialised Information Service (FID) Middle East, North Africa and Islamic Studies”

For certain services, the FID also uses the signet with different lettering. Examples are the web portal with its Virtual Library (MENALIB), the FID’s Twitter channel (@menalib) and the repository (MENAdoc).


Two variants of the FID logo have been developed for an optimal presentation in different contexts and media:


The “high-end version” is intended for use on white backgrounds in multi-colour printing or digitally in very high resolution.


The colours used in the signet are #53602E, #9FC16F, #C2E28F and #EDFCC8. The text colour is #414B24.


Flexible Version

The “flexible version” is suitable for black and white printing and other monochrome uses as well as for display on (multi)coloured backgrounds.


No colour is specified for this variant. However, there should be sufficient contrast.


Style Guide

“A Very Quick Guide to the Logo of the Fachinformationsdienst (FID) Nahost-, Nordafrika- und Islamstudien” explains the desired use of our logo in a brief overview.