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We offer worldwide free access to a large number of digital sources and publications relating to the MENA region and Islam via the MENAdoc portal.


Here you will find classics of Oriental Studies as well as current scientific publications that you can read in Open Access or save as PDF files.

All titles are provided with a permanent link and can therefore be referenced on a long-term basis. They are also listed in interregional catalogues.

Over the next few months, the repository will gradually be given a new technical infrastructure. In the future, the entire inventory will be switched to Share_it – our instance of the free document server DSpace.

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News about MENAdoc

  • Online Review of MENAdoc

    The Orientalist Torsten Wollina reviewed our open access collection MENAdoc for the online magazine HAZINE. Titled "Yes, you should use MENAdoc and here's why and how", he describes in detail what the repository has to offer to the international academic community. ...
  • Imperial Norms and Local Realities

    Imperial Norms and Local Realities: The Ottoman Municipal Laws and the Municipality of Beirut (1860-1908) Volume 105 of the Beiruter Texte und Studien ...


In cooperation with the Orient-Institut Beirut and the Orient-Institut Istanbul the following series are offered digitally:

MENAdoc Services

Other major activities include the digitisation of out-of-print but still research-relevant German secondary literature up until 1966 and the secondary publication of recent specialist articles from journals and collective works.

  • Digitalisation of Out-of-commerce Works

    Sorry, this entry is only available in German. ...
  • Publish on MENAdoc

    Relevant Texts on the Middle East and on Islam Since 2016, the FID offers researchers within the field of MENA studies the possibility to publish their texts as digital primary or secondary publications on MENAdoc ...