Conference: “Transcultural Interplay through Art and Social Life”

Transcultural Interplay through Art and Social Life: Iranian Diaspora in Europe and beyond

The conference plans to deepen the notion of the Transcultural in relation to ‘Iranian’ artistic matters. Emphasis is put on investigations into the richness and complexity of artistic expression and the reciprocal effects and correlations that can be observed between the arts and in social life generally.

Symposia Iranica – 4th Iranian Studies Conference

Screenshot: Symposia Iranica 2019

Symposia Iranica is a dedicated, multidisciplinary, peer-reviewed platform open to emerging scholars working on any aspect of Iranian or Persian Studies within the arts, humanities, and social sciences.

Read the full call for papers (closes on December 30, 2018).

Find more about the 2019 conference in Cambridge on their Website.

Conference: “China and Iran’s Political and Cultural Relations”

Screenshot Leiden University, Persian and Iranian Studies

Screenshot Leiden University, Persian and Iranian Studies

The conference will be held at the Department of Iranian Studies, Leiden University, Netherlands.

Papers should touch upon Sino-Iranian relations in one of the following areas:

International relations, international political economy of Iran and China across the New Silk Roads (Belt and Road Initiative), Sino-Iranian diplomatic, military, security, or energy relations; China and Iran in relation to third parties such as Turkey, Saudi Arabia, US, Russia, India, Pakistan, or the EU; Sino-Iranian historical, cultural, or civilizational Interactions, Sino-Iranian artistic, literary, and religious interactions throughout history.

Deadline for abstracts: September 25, 2018


Internationale Konferenz: “Reconstructing Neighborhoods of War”

Flyer: "Reconstructing Neighborhoods of War"The conference discusses comparatively the reconstruction of cities of war through the lens of neighborhood relations in different spaces and times.

Reconstructing neighborhoods destroyed in war involves two aspects which are both interrelated and interdependent:

From the technical perspective issues as mapping the damages, developing strategic plans for reconstruction, restoration and renovation of buildings and infrastructures, and, in the process, possibly archeological examinations.

From the social perspective it involves questions pertaining to the social fabric of the destroyed neighborhoods.

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