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  • 2022 – the Year in Figures

    (Deutsch) Bücher, Digitalisate, Social Media - hier finden Sie eine kurze Zusammenfassung der FID-Statistiken des Jahres 2022. ...
  • Advisory Board Meeting 2022

    The Specialised Information Service Middle East, North Africa and Islamic Studies held its fourth advisory board meeting on 14 November 2022. Currently, ...
  • Digitisation of Historical Maps from Central Germany and the Near East

    The Project The University and State Library Saxony-Anhalt (ULB) is digitising outstanding pieces of its historical map collection. About 1,000 maps with a regional reference to Central Germany and from the area of the Near East/North Africa were selected. ...
  • Isis Press Istanbul

    The Project In spring 2021, our FID successfully began a pilot project to digitise late 20th century literature from the MENA region and make it available in open access via its MENAdoc repository. ...

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  • The Specialised Information Service (FID)

    The Specialised Information Service (FID) Middle East-, North Africa- and Islamic Studies provides highly specialised research materials from the countries of the MENA region for German researchers. It is funded by the German Research Foundation (DFG) ...
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    How to find our Branch Library in Halle and how to reach the right contact person of the Specialised Information Service (FID) Middle East, North Africa and Islamic Studies ...

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