New in our holdings: Re-edition of the “Hürriyet” newspaper

Re-edition: "Sürgünde Muhalefet: Namık Kemal'in Hürriyet Gazetesi"

The complete re-edition of the oppositional Ottoman newspaper Hürriyet (1868-1870) in 2 volumes is now among our library holdings.

The “Hürriyet Gazetesi” was published by the influential Turkish author Namık Kemal (1840–1888) in his London exile.

Namık Kemal was a democrat, writer, intellectual, reformer, journalist, playwright, and political activist. He was a leading member of the Young Ottomans. His works had a strong influence on future reform movements in Turkey and other former Ottoman countries.

“Sürgünde Muhalefet: Namık Kemal’in Hürriyet Gazetesi” can be found here in the catalogue. The volumes can be ordered via interlibrary loan.

Hürriyet Gazetesi: Original and Transliteration

Hürriyet Gazetesi: Original and Transliteration