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Self Testimonies from the Ottoman Empire

Logo Memoria.The series „Memoria : Fontes minores ad Historiam Imperii Ottomanici pertinentes“ is available in Open Access on our MENAdoc repository.

Series on MENAdoc

This series is based on many smaller sources that have not been considered by the scientific community because of their relatively uncommon language or because they are privately owned.

These include diaries, memoirs, letters and other personal documents of the inhabitants of the Ottoman capital Istanbul from the second half of the 19th century to the early years of the Republic of Turkey. Continue reading

“Defending Turkey on Global Stages” – Secondary Publication

Carolin Liebisch - Defending Turkey on Global StagesThe essay “Defending Turkey on Global Stages: The Young Turk Reşit Saffet’s Internationalist Strategy in 1919” by Carolin Liebisch is now freely available in our open access repository MENAdoc.

The text examines the activities of the young Turkish diplomat and nationalist Reşit Saffet during his stay in Switzerland at the beginning of 1919.

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The publication on MENAdoc keeps the article permanently accessible via permalink and makes it visible in catalogues worldwide.