Ottoman documents from the Franciscan monastery


Fojnica: Osmanski dokumenti iz arhiva Franjevačkog samostana

Prof. Dr. Michael Ursinus - FojnicaBosnia was conquered by the Ottoman Turks in 1463, and with it the Franciscan monastery of the Holy Spirit of Fojnica, founded in the 14th century.

Due to its eventful history, the monastery archive offers very special treasures such as the caftan of a sultan and over 3000 original documents in Turkish. Continue reading

Now Open Access: “Die Geschichtsschreiber der Osmanen und ihre Werke” by Franz Babinger

Titel: "Die Geschichtsschreiber der Osmanen und ihre Werke" von Franz Babinger Franz Babinger’s (1891 – 1967 ; “Die Geschichtsschreiber der Osmanen und ihre Werke” (The Historians of the Ottomans and their Works), 1927 is still an important and central reference work for osmanists and anyone interested in the history of the Ottoman Empire today.

We are proud to offer this monumental work as open access on MENAdoc:

The Third International Conference on Levantines in Istanbul

Title: Developments in the legal status of Foreigners in the Ottoman Empire during the second half of 19th Century

We are happy to accept proposals across a wide chronological, geographic and thematic spectrum as long as the broad focus revolves around the title.

Please find the full call for papers here.

  • Call for papers deadline: 15 September 2018
  • Contact:
  • Decision of selection: 30 September 2018
  • Conference languages: English and Turkish (simultaneous cross-translation should be available)