Security & Stability in the Mediterranean and the Middle East

There will be a Workshop on “Security & Stability in the Mediterranean and the Middle East” from 26-28 May 2016, organized by the Institute of International Economic Relations.

Core Topics (from the Call for Papers)

1. Security in the Mediterranean and the Broader Middle East: Problems and Prospects of the South

  • The unknown future of Syria
  • Iran and Turkey the Middle East: New challenges ahead
  • Perspectives on the Israeli –Palestinian conflict
  • State and Society in the Middle East: The challenge of the Arab Spring
  • Islam and democracy in Arab states
  • Economic security and change in the Middle East states
  • The United States and Russia as third actors in the Middle East and the Mediterranean
  • The International Political Economy of energy security in the Eastern Mediterranean.

2. Migration and Human Security in the Mediterranean and the Middle East

  • The political and economic consequences of the refugee crisis
  • Problems and prospects for migration in the Mediterranean region
  • Irregular migration, state security and human security in the Mediterranean
  • Migration, human security and foreign policy
  • EU Security and migration policies in the Mediterranean
  • Poverty as a major challenge to human security in the Mediterranean area
  • Human security and climate change in the Mediterranean
  • Parliamentary diplomacy in the Mediterranean: the case of Responsibility to Protect (R2P).

3. The present and future of Euro-Mediterranean relations

  • Development and evaluation for the Union for Mediterranean
  • Prospects of regional and sub- regional cooperation in the Mediterranean area
  • The Europeanisation process of Third Mediterranean Countries
  • The European Neighbourhood Policy (ENP) five years since the beginning of the Arab Spring and its review
  • Normative Power Europe and the Mediterranean
  • Trade relations between Mediterranean EU countries and other Mediterranean states
  • The consequences of the economic crisis for the process of EU- Mediterranean relations
  • Cultural Dialogue in the Mediterranean and the role of the EU.”