Syria in the 19th century – a travelogue by Wetzstein as Open Access

Travel report on Hauran and the Trachons: along with an appendix on the Sabean monuments in eastern Syria

Title and Map: Travelogue about Hauran and the TrachonsThe German diplomat and orientalist Johann Gottfried “Fritz” Wetzstein published this travelogue in 1860. He was the Prussian consul in Damascus from 1849 to 1861 and therefore an expert of the region.

The edition contains a historical map of Damascus and its surroundings as well as various drawings. It is now available as Open Access on our repository MENAdoc.

Arabic Phrasebook from 1881 on MENAdoc

Cover: "Arabischer Sprachführer für Reisende" by Martin Hartmann

„Arabischer Sprachführer für Reisende“ (Arabic Phrasebook for Travelers) compiled by Martin Hartmann in 1881 is now digitally available on MENAdoc.

Martin Hartmann was one of the founders of modern Islamic Studies before the First World War. He was one of the few Orientalists who worked on the spot for a long time and knew the conditions.

The German Fraktur font of the book was converted to full text by OCR software. The results are pretty good compared to the version on

Catalogue by Hans Wehr: Relevant and Available for Research

Verzeichnis der arabischen Handschriften in der Bibliothek der Deutschen Morgenländischen Gesellschaft (DMG)*

Hans Wehr: Verzeichnis der arabischen Handschriften in der Bibliothek der Deutschen Morgenländischen Gesellschaft, 1940Hans Wehr promoted Arabic Studies worldwide with his “A Dictionary of Modern Written Arabic “. In 1940, he compiled this overview of the holdings of historical manuscripts of the DMG. These documents are still part of the society’s collection. Continue reading

MENAdoc: Title No 15,000 is now online!

Kitāb-i Šāhnāma-i ḥakīm Abu-‘l-Qāsim Firdausī Ṭūsī

Logo: MENAdoc 15 Thousand

As title number 15,000 (fifteen thousand) in our open-access repository MENAdoc, we present a beautiful large-sized edition of the so-called “Book of Kings”.

The Persian epic poem “Šāhnāmah” is the life’s work of the poet Abūl-Qāsim Firdausī (940-1020).

Here you will find the 4 volumes free to view or for download as PDF.

Schāhnāme Band 2, Seite 51–52
This issue was published in Bombay in 1855. It is illustrated with numerous lithographs, which are more effective in an enlarged view.


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