“Bjulag-dagi” – Publikation in Judeo-Tatischer Schrift

Bjulag-dagi : (gornyj rodnik) - Бюлаг-даги : (горный родник)This reading primer in the spoken language of the so-called “Mountain Jews” was published in Baku in 1926 as part of a Soviet campaign to alphabetize the nationalities of the USSR in their own mother tongue. Since they were a Jewish population group, the Hebrew script was used to write the Judeo-Tati (Juhuri), an Iranian language.

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Publications in Judeo-Tati script are considered rare and those in Hebrew script in particular. This rarity, together with other early Soviet publications in the languages of the Caucasus and Central Asia, found its way into the holdings of the Deutsche Morgenländische Gesellschaft in the 1920s and can now be made available worldwide via Open Access.

It was a linguistic challenge to catalogue this book. However, we could rely on the help of our competent readers on Twitter. Therefore we would like to express our thanks once again at this point!