Yeni İstiklal – Turkish Newspaper from the 60s

Yeni İstiklal: Haftalık Tarafsız Siyasi Gazete

Yeni İstiklal: Haftalik Tarafsiz Siyasi GazetteAbout 80 issues of the Turkish weekly newspaper Yeni İstiklal (New Independence) from the years 1960 to 1967 are now in our holdings and listed in the catalogue.

Yeni İstiklal in the GVK

The originals are available in our reading room. You can also order copies of individual articles.

The Islamic columnist Mehmet Şevket Eygi (1933 2019) started his journalistic career as the editor of Yeni İstiklal. Considering the conditions at that time, the Istanbul newspaper reached a good audience with a circulation of 35,000 copies.