Syria: Six Years On- From Destruction to Reconstruction

The European Centre for the Study of Extremism is hosting a conference on ‘Syria: Six Years On- From Destruction to Reconstruction‘ from 5-6 April 2017. The Call for Papers is open until 6 March 2017. The Programme will be added as soon as it is available.

The Call for Papers:

EuroCSE will be accepting 300-500 word abstracts (in Word Format) regarding the conflict in Syria based on the topics provided below. The abstracts must be submitted no later than Monday the 6th of March 2017; 23:59. Abstracts should be submitted to:, Subject:Syria Conference- Abstract Submission

Please provide: Your FULL NAME, CONTACT DETAILS, including a comprehensive Curriculum Vitae (CV)/Resume to be submitted for consideration.


  • The Refugee Crisis
  • Syria’s Archaeological Treasures
  • Syria & the European Union
  • ​The Syrian Kurdish Files
  • Medical Situation; Doctors; Hospitals
  • Reconstruction in Syria
  • The Military Industrial Complex
  • The Role of Media & Art in the Syria Conflict
  • Development work in Syria
  • Syria’s Natural Resources
  • The Role of International Law
  • Third Party State Funding of Non-State Armed Groups
  • Defining Conflict: War on Syria? War in Syria? Civil War? War of Words? Proxy War? Religious or Sectarian War?
  • Syria & the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) States
  • Relations: The Syrian Arab Republic; the Russian Federation & the Islamic Republic of Iran
  • Relations: The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia; the State of Qatar; the Republic of Turkey
  • Relations: NATO Countries
  • Uni or Bi- Polar World Order? The United States vs the Russian Federation
  • Opposition Forces- Inter-Rebel Conflict
  • ISIS/ISIL/Al-Qaeda
  • Role of Non-Governmental Organisations (NGO’s)
  • Cost of Sanctions on Syria- Justified or Unjustified?
  • Syria, Iran & the Nuclear Deal
  • The Role of the State of Israel in Syria
  • Palestine & Syria 2011-2017
  • The MENA 2011-2017 & Syria
  • Peace-building or Peace-sabotage? The Role of Ceasefires