Conference: “Transcultural Interplay through Art and Social Life”

Transcultural Interplay through Art and Social Life: Iranian Diaspora in Europe and beyond

The conference plans to deepen the notion of the Transcultural in relation to ‘Iranian’ artistic matters. Emphasis is put on investigations into the richness and complexity of artistic expression and the reciprocal effects and correlations that can be observed between the arts and in social life generally.

International Conference: “Ibadism and the Study”

Ibadism and the Study of Islam: A view from the edge”

The Conference will locate the study of Ibadism interdisciplinarily as we examine how the spatial metaphor of center and edge, when applied to the study of Ibadism, can gesture to new research orientations in the field of Islamic studies.

Deadline for abstracts: 21 January 2019

2nd Conference of the Fachverband Arabisch e.V.

Competency Orientation in Arabic Language Teaching

2nd Conference of the Fachverband Arabisch e.V. (Call for Papers Arabic)The so-called competence orientation determines curricula and targets for modern foreign languages in the German-speaking education systems. Arabic didactics has hardly dealt with this topic yet.

However, the same applies to the target language Arabic: Successful communicative action requires communicative, intercultural and methodical skills.

The 2nd conference of the Fachverband Arabisch e.V. in cooperation with the Institute of Arabic Studies of the Otto-Friedrich-University Bamberg will focus on theoretical and practical questions in order to connect with general foreign language didactics in this respect.

Call for Papers: German | Arabic | Deadline 1 April 2019

The Fifth Annual Conference on Shi‘i Studies

This conference will provide a broad platform for scholars in Shi‘i studies to share their latest research. Papers are welcome on any aspect of Shi‘i studies.

Suggested Topics Include:

  • Theology
  • Philosophy
  • Mysticism
  • Contemporary Issues
  • Law and jurisprudence
  • Shiʻi Studies in the Hawzah and/or the Seminary
  • Quran and Hadith Studies
  • Anthropological Studies
  • History
  • Shiʻi Minority
  • Shiʻism and Orientalism
  • Authority in Shiʻism
  • Inter-Religious Cross-Disciplinary, or Comparative Studies
  • Shiʻi Sects, Past and Present
  • Shiʻi Manuscripts

Abstract deadline: 3. Februar 2019
E-mail abstracts to: