Security & Stability in the Mediterranean and the Middle East

Am 26.-28. Mai findet ein Workshop zu „Security & Stability in the Mediterranean and the Middle East“, organisiert vom Institute of International Economic Relations, statt.

Kernthemen (aus dem Call for Papers)

1. Security in the Mediterranean and the Broader Middle East: Problems and Prospects of the South

  • The unknown future of Syria
  • Iran and Turkey the Middle East: New challenges ahead
  • Perspectives on the Israeli –Palestinian conflict
  • State and Society in the Middle East: The challenge of the Arab Spring
  • Islam and democracy in Arab states
  • Economic security and change in the Middle East states
  • The United States and Russia as third actors in the Middle East and the Mediterranean
  • The International Political Economy of energy security in the Eastern Mediterranean.

2. Migration and Human Security in the Mediterranean and the Middle East

  • The political and economic consequences of the refugee crisis
  • Problems and prospects for migration in the Mediterranean region
  • Irregular migration, state security and human security in the Mediterranean
  • Migration, human security and foreign policy
  • EU Security and migration policies in the Mediterranean
  • Poverty as a major challenge to human security in the Mediterranean area
  • Human security and climate change in the Mediterranean
  • Parliamentary diplomacy in the Mediterranean: the case of Responsibility to Protect (R2P).

3. The present and future of Euro-Mediterranean relations

  • Development and evaluation for the Union for Mediterranean
  • Prospects of regional and sub- regional cooperation in the Mediterranean area
  • The Europeanisation process of Third Mediterranean Countries
  • The European Neighbourhood Policy (ENP) five years since the beginning of the Arab Spring and its review
  • Normative Power Europe and the Mediterranean
  • Trade relations between Mediterranean EU countries and other Mediterranean states
  • The consequences of the economic crisis for the process of EU- Mediterranean relations
  • Cultural Dialogue in the Mediterranean and the role of the EU.“