Secondary Publication on Hip Hop in Lebanon

Hip Hop Language

Remixing Battle Rap and Arabic Poetic BattlingHip Hop word battles are a global phenomenon in pop culture. The verbal combats, however, were not only imported into the Arabic-speaking world, but they also formed a “remix” with the local culture.

The Arabist Felix Wiedemann from Bamberg interviewed prominent rappers from Lebanon for his essay and examined their videos. In his analysis of language use, he found references and similarities to written and oral cultural heritage.

Secondary Publication

The text appeared in a special issue of “Music in Islam” of the journal “Occhialì” at the University of Calabria. In order to increase visibility and improve long-term archiving, Mr. Wiedemann uses our service of secondary publication in Open Access on MENAdoc.

There you will now find the essay: “Remixing Battle Rap and Arabic Poetic Battling”.

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