The Southern Shore of the Caspian Sea or the Northern Provinces of Persia

Grigorij Melgunov: Das südliche Ufer des Kaspischen Meeres oder die Nordprovinzen PersiensThis travelogue about the northern provinces of Persia by Grigorij Melgunof from 1868 is freely available in our open access collection MENAdoc.

Melgunof was a Russian researcher, geographer and member of the German Oriental Society (DMG).

According to Melgunof’s foreword the illustration shows: “die Karte des Khazarischen Meeres, mit erklärendem Texte, aus dem persischen Werke des Nasir-eddin Tusi, nach einer Handschrift der Wiener Hofbibliothek, mit deutscher Uebersetzung”. (The map of the Khazar Sea, with explanatory texts, from the Persian works of Nasir al-Din al-Tusi, after a manuscript of the Imperial Court Library Vienna, with German translation).

According to modern map standards, the Caspian Sea is upside down here. The Volga is flowing in the wrong direction.