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Avicenna Corona

Despite Corona Virus: Specialized Information Service

Due to the current health situation, our library has closed its doors to visitors. But we will continue to support you in your research.

Interlibrary loan, document delivery and digital services are available.

Please use the following services.

Interlibrary Loan and Subito

The interlibrary loan system of the University and State Library of Saxony-Anhalt has restarted. You can order via the GBV Union Catalogue. As an alternative to interlibrary loan we offer the direct delivery service Subito.

Digital Licenses: Also Accessible from Your Home Office

Many Specialized Information Services offer access to digital licenses. These are usually accessible via the networks of your research institutions.

But you can also use them at home. Virtual private network (VPN) is the keyword here. Many universities offer tutorials on their websites. If not – ask your IT department for the VPN settings. VPN apps are available at no cost for all current operating systems.

Licences of the FID Nahost

Total content of the Database Information System (DBIS)

Individual users of Al Manhal

We have licensed Al Manhal’s “Islamic Studies Collection” for research in Germany. 2035 Arabic e-books have been released for 31 research institutions. If you are not able to enter your institution due to the current situation and access via VPN is not offered – please register as a single user!

To the registration

We offer you a fast and trouble-free login for 3 months.

Always Open: MENAdoc – Specialised Literature in Open Access

You can now benefit from the efforts we made over many years to promote special literature in open access.

Our specialist repository MENAdoc offers free access to more than 15,000 publications worldwide with reference to the MENA region and Islam. Among them are classics of the oriental studies subjects as well as current contributions from research.

More about MENAdoc

Digitization Request

Is there a book or article suitable for open access and should it be available on MENAdoc? Publications with expired copyrights or “out-of-commerce” works come into question here.

Express your digitisation request as an acquisition order. We check the legal framework and work on a quick digitisation.

More about out-of-commerce works

Do you have a digitization request? Please contact us!

Share Your Knowledge: Secondary Publication in Open Access

The shutting down of libraries demonstrates the advantage of open access publications: They are still accessible to all scientists and scholars.

Take advantage of a first or secondary publication of your work on MENAdoc! This will extend your audience and our digital collection of current topics.

Publishing on MENAdoc