Mediterranean Mobilities and Borders


The workshop will investigate the interactions and interdependencies of modern Mediterranean mobilities with aspects of power, with class, gender, and generational identities, and with images of the region. It aims to develop a common perspective on these mobilities.

The workshop is a joint project of:

  • DFG-network: “A Modern Mediterranean: Dynamics of a World Region, 1800-2000”
  •  Istanbul Bilgi University European Institute
  • Orient-Institut Istanbul


2nd International Conference on Mamluk Literature

The Racecourse of Literature – An-Nawāǧī and His Contemporaries

Flyer: 2. Internationale Konferenz zur mamlukischen Literatur The conference deals with the writings of Shamsaddīn an-Nawāǧī (ca. 1386–1455) and those of his contemporaries such as Ibn Ḥiǧǧa al-Ḥamawī and Ibn Ḥaǧar al-ʿAsqalānī. An-Nawāǧī has been famous for his literary anthologies of love poetry and wine poetry.

Here you will find the event flyer.