Exchange between Saale and Nile

Besuch von der ägyptischen Nationalbibliothek Dar al-Kutub in HalleProf Dr Hisham al-Azmi, head of the Egyptian National Library (Dar al-Kutub), accompanied by Prof Dr Atef Mansour and Dr Muhammad from the Egyptian Fayoum University, visited our Specialized Information Service (FID) in Halle on May 9, 2019. The visit took place as part of a visit to Germany organized by the Marburg Islamic scholar Prof Dr Albrecht Fuess.

The one-day workshop enabled an intensive exchange of knowledge and experience on current developments and projects in the fields of digitisation, OCR technology for Arabic script and Open Access. Prof al-Azmi explained the online strategy of Dar al-Kutub and emphasized the importance of international cooperation for successful library work. Dr Volker Adam presented the service portfolio of the FID to the guests and addressed possible fields of action for future cooperation.