International Tashkubrīzādah Symposium

Das İlmi Etüdler Derneği  hält vom 18.-20. November 2016 das ‚International Tashkubrīzādah Symposium‚ ab. Der Call for Papers ist noch bis zum 31. August 2016 offen. Das Programm wird veröffentlicht, sobald es verfügbar ist.


  • Tashkubrīzādah’s World: Ottoman Intellectual Life in the Sixteenth Century and Its Sources
  • Tashkubrīzādah’s Geography: Intersecting Intellectual Paths of Transoxania, Khorasan, and the Lands of Rūm
  • Tashkubrīzādah’s Universe: Cosmology, Causality and the God-World Relationship
  • Mind, Knowledge and Existence: Tashkubrīzādah’s Understanding of the Existence in the Mind
  • Language and Meaning: Sciences and Philosophy of Language in Tashkubrīzādah.
  • Tashkubrīzādah and the Tradition of Kalām
  • Writing History of Sciences: Miftāḥ al-sa‘āda and Historiography of Sciences
  • Tradition of the Classification of Sciences and Tashkubrīzādah
  • Tradition of the Linguistic Sciences and Tashkubrīzādah
  • Practical Sciences and Ethics in Tashkubrīzādah
  • Tradition of Writing Islamic Bio-bibliography and Tashkubrīzādah