DH Benelux 2017 Conference

Die Utrecht University hält vom 3.-5. Juli 2017 die ‚DH Benelux 2017 Conference‚ ab. Der Call for Papers ist noch bis zum 15. Februar 2017 offen. Das Programm wird veröffentlicht, sobald es verfügbar ist.

Kernthemen sind:

    • Application of digital technology in literary, linguistic, cultural, and historical studies
    • Exploration and analysis of multimedia resources
    • Text mining and image mining (e.g. stylometry, topic modelling, sentiment mining)
    • Digital media, digitization, curation of digital objects
    • Software development, systems design and information modelling
    • Interfaces, augmented reality, serious gaming
    • Design and application of algorithms
    • Infrastructures and virtual research environments
    • Ethnography and user studies
    • Critical study of digital arts, architecture, music, film, theatre, new media, video games
    • Ethical, social and economic aspects of digitality and digital humanities
    • Didactics of digital humanities