Online Review of MENAdoc

HAZINE - Yes, you should use MENAdoc and here's why and howThe Orientalist Torsten Wollina reviewed our open access collection MENAdoc for the online magazine HAZINE.

Titled “Yes, you should use MENAdoc and here’s why and how”, he describes in detail what the repository has to offer to the international academic community.

To the article

The article covers the historical background of those collections due to the efforts of the DFG since 1949 and the most important parts of the MENAdoc collection with its technical features.

We appreciate the encouragement to keep up our open access strategy!

Torsten Wollina

Torsten Wollina is Visiting Research Fellow at the Trinity College Dublin. He manages the series “Beiruter Texte und Studien (BTS)” at the Orient-Institut Beirut and published the book “Zwanzig Jahre Alltag Lebens-, Welt- und Selbstbild im Journal des Ahmad Ibn Tawq“.


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