Digital Archive of the Egyptian Newspaper

The archive contains all available issues of the important and influential newspaper from Egypt from 1876 – 2019.

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Single pages can be downloaded as PDF and searched in full text.

The collection is available free of charge in Germany and in German research institutions abroad via national licence. Please ask your librarian for registration of this licence if you cannot yet access it.

About the Archive


Al-Ahram (الأهرام, “The Pyramids”) has been published since 1876, making it one of the longest appearing newspapers in the Middle East. It has long been regarded as Egypt’s most influential newspaper. With a circulation of over 1 million copies Al-Ahram is one of the most important newspapers in the Arab world.

Before 1960 the newspaper was an independent publication and was known for its objectivity and independence. After nationalisation by President Nasser in 1960, Al-Ahram became the de facto voice of the Egyptian government. Today the newspaper is administered by the Supreme Press Council.

Text Recognition

The full text of the archive was obtained by digital character recognition (OCR). Earlier editions are based on microfilms and may therefore be less accurate. In addition, Arabic is considered a particularly difficult language for text recognition. The newer editions were available in higher quality and are therefore more correct.

Text and Data Mining

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