Open Access: Historia Saracenica

Titelseite: Historia Saracenica von George Elmacin“Taʾrīḫ al-muslimīn min ṣāḥib šarīʿat al-islām Abi-ʾl-Qāsim Muḥammad ila ʾd-daula al-atābikīya … Id Est, Historia Saracenica” is now availabe in our open access collection MENAdoc.

The autor George Elmacin (also known as Ibn al-‘Amid, 1205–1273) was a Coptic Christian, who wrote a two-volume world chronicle from Adam to his day. He was significantly influencial on later Arab historians such as Ibn Khaldun.

“Historia Saracenica” was published in 1625 and is the second volume of Elmacin’s work. It covers the history of the Arabs from pre-Islamic times to the Seljuk Turks (570–1118) and includes a Latin translation by Thomas Erpenius.