What would Prophet Muhammad do? Meaning and Application of Human Dignity in Islam

Muhammad_11The Imam Hasan Centre is holding a conference on 16-17 July 2016 on “What would Prophet Muhammad do?  Meaning and Application of Human Dignity in Islam“.

Core topics are:

  • Human dignity in scriptural and spiritual discourses – lexicology, usage, Divine and Prophetic intent
  • Human dignity in philosophical and metaphysical discourses – origins, conceptions, the meaning of humanity, empowerment, constraint and existentialism
  • Human dignity in legal and jurisprudential discourses – the treatment of religious denominations, non-Muslims, women, slaves and others; its relationship with human rights and contributions of current Muslim scholars
  • Human dignity in ethical discourses – its place in Muslim ethical literature and the need (or lack of) to create a discipline of usul al-akhlaq (principles of ethics)
  • Human dignity in bioethical discourses – application to bioethical issues – consent, autonomy, beginning of life & end-of-life care, genetic engineering, animal-human experimentations
  • Human dignity in historical and socio-political discourses – its role in early and later Muslim battles, modern terrorism and advancement of the state
  • Human dignity in comparative discourses – comparisons and critiques between Islamic, Western/Eastern or interreligious conceptions of dignity and Eurocentrism