Human Rights, Ethics and Spirituality

The College of Saint Elizabeth is hosting a conference on ‘Human Rights, Ethics and Spirituality‘ from 21-22 April 2017. The Call for Papers is open until 10 March 2017. The Programme will be added as soon as it is available.

Call for Papers:

Directed and organized by the Institute for Cross Cultural Studies and Academic Exchange, Society for Indian Philosophy and Religion, Elon, NC, USA
Sponsored and hosted by the College of Saint Elizabeth, Morristown, New Jersey, USA
Acceptance of proposal will be mailed within 2 weeks or earlier to participants. Earlier submission would be highly appreciated.
Please email the abstract (150words) with a title to:
Deadline to submit: March 10,2017
Human Rights and Democracy, Genocide, Gender Equality, Child labor, Land and Human Rights, Human Rights in the World of Communism, Natural Law and Natural Rights, The Holocaust, Domestic Violence, Forced Labor and Trafficking, Targeted Killings and Drones, Morality and Spirituality, Ethical Pluralism, Virtue Ethics, Categorical Imperative in Kant, Taoist Morality, Comparative Ethics, Ethics in Hinduism, Buddhist Ethics, Rectification of Names in Confucianism, Situational Ethics, Environmental Ethics, Ethics of Globalized World, God and Absolute, Gnosticism  and Mysticism, Dialogues between Christianity and Buddhism, Dialogues between Christianity and Judaism and Islam, Religious Pluralism, Nihilism Gender and Spirituality, Feminist and Ecological Spirituality, Ecological Wisdom, Secular Spirituality, Spiritual Naturalism, Spirituality in Post Modern world, Atheism, etc.
Topics are only suggestive and not exhaustive
Email your abstract:
Advisory Board Members:
Yolanda Espina (Portugal),Tommi Lehtonen (Finland), Debkumar Mukhopadhyya (India), Deven Patel (USA), Nina Petek (Slovenia), Ming Shao (China), Richard Vulich (USA), Su Chen Wu (Taiwan),Yanling Xu (China)
Scholars from different corners of the world join our conferences. The Cambridge Scholars Press has published seven books co-edited by members of our advisory board from selected papers from our last conferences. We also publish papers (after editorial Review) in our Journal of Indian Philosophy & Religion.
Contact Info:

Chandana Chakrabarti