Before Orientalism: The “images” of Islam, 15th-17th Centuries

The  Mediterranean Seminar is holding the conference ‘Before Orientalism: The “images” of Islam, 15th-17th Centuries‘ from 18-19 May 2017. The Call for Papers is open until 1 February 2017. The programme will be added as soon aas it is available.

Core topics are:

1. How the (literary and visual) image of Islam was created and
developed in the Iberian Peninsula during the 15th to 17th centuries.
2. What are the convergences and divergences between the spheres of the
letters and the arts.
3. The value of stereotypes in the building of the image and identity
of Muslims.
4. The weight of 19th century literary and artistic historiography in
the blurring of the Medieval and Modern images of religious otherness.
5. The contribution of 16th and 17th orientalist images in the later
construction of 19th century orientalism.
5. Is it possible to elaborate a cartography of the representations of
Muslims in the different Hispanic territories?
6. Was there an invisible Islam? How was it materialized?