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We offer worldwide free access to a large number of digital sources and publications relating to the MENA region and Islam via the MENAdoc portal.

Here you will find classics of Oriental Studies as well as current scientific publications that you can read in Open Access or save as PDF files.

Wehr: "A Dictionary of Modern Written Arabic"

Wehr: “A Dictionary of Modern Written Arabic”

MENAdoc is permanently growing and offers the opportunity to re-publish your own material or to request titles to be digitized.

All titles are provided with a permanent link and can therefore be referenced on a long-term basis. They are also listed in interregional catalogues.

In cooperation with the Orient-Institut Beirut and the Orient-Institut Istanbul the following series are offered digitally:

Other major activities include the digitisation of out-of-print but still research-relevant German secondary literature up until 1966 and the secondary publication of recent specialist articles from journals and collective works.

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