The Persianate World and Central Eurasia

An der Oklahoma State University findet vom 21.-24. Februar 2018 eine Konferenz zum Thema ‚The Persianate World and Central Eurasia‚ statt. Der Call for Papers ist bis zum 30. September 2017 offen.


Zum Call for Papers:

We define the Persianate World and Central Eurasia broadly, encompassing all those regions historically influenced by Persian culture, as well as those spaces holding modern diasporas. The geographic scope of our conference extends from Iran, Afghanistan, the Caucasus and Central Asia (including Xinjiang) to South Asia, and westward to the states and cultures of the Persian Gulf and the Levant, in addition to diaspora communities worldwide.

Symposia Persica welcomes Prof. Dr. Thierry Zarcone, Senior Researcher, Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique, Paris, France as the keynote speaker of this conference.

The Iranian and Persian Gulf Studies program at the Oklahoma State University invites scholars pursuing research in any of the humanities and social sciences to submit abstracts for individual papers or complete panel proposals. Panel proposals should feature 3-4 paper presentations, with a chair and discussant, and should offer a title that reflects the panel theme.  Abstracts should be between 150-200 words in length and include a title, 4-5 keywords, and the author’s name and affiliation. Four of the papers presented will be selected for publication in the journal of Anthropology of Contemporary Middle East and Central Eurasia.  A $200 prize will be awarded to a student whose paper demonstrates significant research contribution to the Persianate World and/or Central Eurasia Studies.

The program concludes with a half-day workshop for graduate students pursuing research in this area on any topic in the social sciences or humanities. The workshop will include panels and discussions on conducting both field and archival research methods, publication strategies and relationships with publishers, networking among scholars in the region, and grant writing and funding opportunities.

Abstracts must be received by September 30, 2017. Individual posters are also welcome.

A bloc of rooms at reduced rate is reserved at the Atherton Hotel (on campus) for participants. The deadline for the reservation at the reduce conference rate at the Atherton Hotel is January 21, 2018; after this date rooms will be available at the regular rate of the hotel. American Airlines offers two direct flights per day to Stillwater Airport from Dallas-Fort Worth; Tulsa and Oklahoma City are each about one and a half hours drive away.

The registration fee (including: reception, conference dinner, and a concert)

Scholars: $100

Students: $50

The registration fee is non-refundable