Spatial Thought in Islamicate Societies

An der Eberhard Karls Universität Tübingen findet vom 30. März bis 1. April 2017 eine Konferenz zum Thema ‚Spatial Thought in Islamicate Societies‚ statt. Zur Veranstaltungswebsite



Das Programm:

International Conference
Spatial Thought in Islamicate Societies, 1000–1600: The Politics of Genre, Image, and Text
University of Tübingen, 30 March – 1 April 2017

Kurt Franz (Eberhard Karls Universität Tübingen)
Zayde Antrim (Trinity College, Hartford, Conn.)
Jean-Charles Ducène (École pratique des hautes études, Paris)
30.  M Ä R Z ,  19.00  U H R

Opening lecture:
Zayde Antrim (Hartford, Conn.)
Spatial Thought and the Limitations of Genre

31.  M Ä R Z ,  09.00  U H R

P a n e l  1:  G e n r e
Emmanuelle Tixier Dumesnil (Paris)
Comprendre un auteur dans son contexte historique, ou pourquoi l’histoire de la géographie
n’existe pas: l’exemple de l’Andalou al-Bakrī (XIe s.)
Kurt Franz (Tübingen)
Geographical Narratives and Normalised Space in the Age of Encyclopaedism
Travis Zadeh (New Haven, Conn.)
Crossing the Sea of Darkness: Wonder, Knowledge, and the Shifting Limits of Islamic Geography

P a n e l  2:  I m a g e
Yossef Rapoport (London)
Maps of Urban Space in Medieval Islam
Feray Coşkun (Berlin)
Representations of Culture, Religion and History in the World Maps of the Kharīdat al-ʿAjāʾib
Nadja Danilenko (Berlin)
Getting the Picture: How al-Iṣṭakhrī’s Book of Routes and Realms Made It to the Nineteenth Century

V i s i t  t o  t h e   R e s e a r c h   U n i t   f o r   I s l a m i c   N u m i s m a t i c s  (FINT)
Lutz Ilisch (Tübingen)
Coins as a Source of Historical Geography and the Tübingen Numismatic Collection

1 .  A P R I L ,  09.00  U H R

P a n e l   3 :   T e x t  I
Stefan Heidemann (Hamburg)
Defining the Abbasid Empire on Its Own Terms
Irina Konovalova (Moscow)
Ways of Describing Regions in the Geographical Work of al-Idrīsī
Jean-Charles Ducène (Paris)
Géographie politique, physique ou religieuse? Le monde vu depuis la chancellerie mamelouke

Y o u n g   s c h o l a r s   p o s t e r   s e s s i o n
Ari M. Gordon (Pennsylvania, Pa.)
Sacred Orientation: The qibla as Ritual, Metaphor and Identity Marker in Early Islam
Aglaia Iankovskaia (Budapest)
At the Edge of the World of Islam: Maritime Southeast Asia in the Eyes of Ibn Baṭṭūṭa
Dženita Karić (London)
Sacred Spaces and Secured Provinces: Bosnian Hajj Literature and the Making of Local Cosmopolitanism
Masoumeh Saydi and Maxim Romanov (Leipzig)
A Method for Comparing Geographical Descriptions

P a n e l   4 :   T e x t   II
Alexis Norman Wick (Beirut)
Of Other Places: Visions of the Sea and the World before European Hegemony
Sergey Minov (Oxford)
The Marvels Found in the Great Cities, Seas and Islands: Syriac-speaking Christians Engaging
Muslim Spatial Thought
Robert J. Haug (Cincinnati, Ohio)
Local History and Spatial Thought in Ibn Isfandiyār’s Tārīkh-i Ṭabaristān

S u m m a r y   d i s c u s s i o n
General response:
Nasser Rabbat (Cambridge, Mass.)