Database of Iranian Journals

Noor Specialized Magazines offers digitized versions of specialized journals concerning Islamic studies, social sciences and the humanities.

To the Database

The extensive text-image database has become one of the most important databases for academic texts in Persian. It is administered by the Computer Research Center of Islamic Sciences (CRCIS) in Iran.

Modes of Access

Our Specialized Information Services has arranged a test period for our circle of users until 25 January 2022. In case of positive feedback, we would consider a permanent license.


The download of PDFs has been limited for the test period. However, it is still possible to view the documents in the website’s PDF viewer.

Modes of Access

Access is available to members of the institutions of our circle of users until the 25 January 2022. Authentication is based on the IP numbers of the respective network.

A VPN or other remote connection is required when working in the home office. If access via remote connection is not possible you can log in as a single user.