Ottoman Turkish Word Solver

LexiQamus is an online tool that can help to identify illegible words from Ottoman Turkish texts.

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Our Specialized Information Services has arranged a test period for our circle of users until 1 December 2021. In case of positive feedback, we would consider a permanent license.


LexiQamus can be used to search for the recognisable parts of an Ottoman-Turkish word. As a result, the software provides words and contexts in which the letter sequence occurs.

This is based on over 170,000 words and phrases from 19 different dictionaries. In addition to the reference work A Turkish and English lexicon (1890) by James Redhouse, the text corpus is supplemented by all content from the website osmanlicasozlukler.com. This site collects entries from Ottoman dictionaries.

The results are listed in three separate tabs. The first tab shows results that match the search term exactly. The second lists the phrases where one or more words match. The last tab lists the results patially match the search term.

For more information, LexiQamus provides definitions, the parent entry and entries where the word was mentioned.

The tool was developed by the historian Ahmet Abdullah Saçmalı (Boğaziçi University’s History Department). A more detailed description of all features can be found directly at LexiQamus and on the website The Digital Orientalist.