Al Manhal Islamic Studies E-Book Collection

Logo Al ManhalWe have licensed the “Islamic Studies E-Book Collection” of the Arabic provider Al Manhal for German research. The collection includes 2,035 e-books about Islamic law, Islamic studies and Islamic theology mainly written in Arabic.

A large part of the collection was published in print between 2004 and 2016. However, they are barely available in Germany. The collection reflects the current discourse of Islamic and theological questions in the Arabic world.

The Special Information Service Middle East, North African, and Islamic Studies intends to record the 2,035 titles in the catalogues (OPAC) of the eligible universities. Until then, we recommend taking a look at the list of titles to find out which works are included in the package.


The circle of users includes selected universities, libraries and research institutions focusing on the topics of the Middle East. As a member of one of these institutions, you get direct access without a special login. If you are accessing from outside of your campus, you should inquire for further options (eg via virtual private network).

To the e-book collection.

Users of the Staatsbibliothek zu Berlin please try the following link:
SBB users can test the direct access to the collection here.

Individuals who are not a member of one of the selected institutions can contact the FID team. Because scientists with residence in Germany and relevant research interests are also entitled to access.

Help with the use of the platform:

The platform of Al Manhal offers numerous tools for research. Some are only available after registration but not essential.

  • “Browse” → “By Subject” offers you a multi-level thematic subdivision of the collection.
  • All titles are available as full text.
  • Full-text search in Arabic is possible via a virtual keyboard.
  • The download or printing of a title is limited to 40% per session.

You can also find information on use in the manual of the platform.