Declaration of Consent

Declaration of Consent to publish documents on the MENAdoc repository of the University and State Library Saxony-Anhalt

The following clauses apply:

§1 Declaration by the Author

  1. The Author ensures his Copyright claims to the supplied Document and that he has not yet granted Rights opposed to those listed here to Third Parties. He especially ensures that this Work does not infringe Rights of Third Parties or Copyright Claims. This includes Text, Images or other Material supplied by the Author. If Text, Images or other Materials are supplied to the University Library for which this is untrue or uncertain, the Author has to inform the University Library in written form about all facts of legal Relevance known or conceivable to the Author.
  2. If an Image of a Person, the Person must be unidentifiable by the picture or data. Otherwise, the Author must request Consent for Publication from all Persons concerned or their Representatives. The Author confirms such a Declaration of Consent exists by agreeing to these Terms.

§2 Accepted Publication Types

In agreement with the Guidelines of the Publication Server, the following Publication Types can be published:

  1. Accepted Dissertations and Habilitations,
  2. Monographs on Topics relevant to Subjects of the SIS Middle East (Primary or Secondary Publication).
  3. Articles from Journals or Collected Editions on Research Topics relevant to Subjects of the SIS Middle East (Secondary Publication).
    The ULB Directorate retains the Right to refuse a Publication.

§3 Services and Duties of the University Library

  1. The ULB is obliged to save the Work permanently and enable Access through international Data Networks within the limits of its technical and organizational Capabilities.
  2. The ULB ensures the Data’s Content Integrity in case of neccessary Data Migration. Regarding the current State of Technology, retention of the original Page Breaks cannot be guaranteed.
  3. The ULB will take necessary measures, within its technical Capabilities, to maintain the Data’s Integrity and Content of the published Document in international Data Traffic.
  4. The ULB will ensure Title recording in suitable Search Engines and Catalogues.
  5. The ULB will take care of reporting the title’s URN (permanent Access Number of the Publication) to the German National Library’s (DNB) Archive Server, as detailed in the Pflichtablieferungsverordnung.
  6. The ULB is obliged to inform about the Copyright of the title in appropriate Manner.
  7. As the ULB does not follow economic Interests by publishing the Title and the Services connected, the Author does not receive Compensation by the ULB.
  8. The ULB is authorized to give the Data to the German National Library, the Legal Deposit Library. This Institution is also authorized to permanently store and publish the Title as does the ULB – regarding its Functions defined by Law or Administrative Regulations.

§4 Granting of Rights and Author’s Obligations

  1. The Author grants the ULB the permanent, non-exclusive and gratuitous Right to reproduce the Title on its own Servers and to save it as well as make it available in Electronic Form through International Data Networks.
  2. The Author transfers the Right into migrate the Title’s data in other data formats to the ULB if technical Development demands this and makes it necessary to retain the Services and Duties. This Right can be transferred to one of the Institutions mentioned in §3.
  3. The Author retains the Right to use the Title in other ways, as long as no Restriction to the Rights discussed within this Contract is connected to it.
  4. For Reasons of Acadamic Citation of the Title, no changes to the Title – excluding format changes mentioned in §3 – can be made after Publication. In Agreement with the ULB, the Author can add Annotations within the Document Description (meta data) to the Title, if it is for academic Reasons. These may be Errata or a new Edition.
  5. As far as the Work (e.g. in a Dissertation) contains a Biography or other personal Data in the printed Version, these must be deleted in the electronic version and are to be replaced with the following Text: “Due to Privacy, Persona Data has been removed from the electronic Version of my Work.”
  6. The Publication can be published in a CC License. This will be added to the Meta Data of the Title by the Publication Server’s team. Unless a specific License is given, every Publication on MENAdoc uses the CC BY-NC-SA License.

§5 Data formats

  1. The Title’s Data will be delivered to the ULB in publication-ready form as PDF or PDF/A or uploaded by the Author to the Publication Server. The Publication in another Format (e.g. HTML, XML) or additional Data (e.g. Multimedia-data, Sourcecode) may be possible in Consultation with the ULB.

§6 Dissertation, Habilitation and other Examination Papers

  1. The Publication of Dissertations, Habilitations and other Examinations Papers on MENAdoc is only available for secondary Publication. The obligatory Publication stated in the Promotion Regulation is done on the ULB Publication Server.

§7 Liability, Claims for Compensation

  1. The Author agrees to exempt the ULB from any claims made because of Violation of Copyrights, Rights of Use, Trademark or other Rights held by Third Parties made on his/her behalf and to reimburse the ULB for any Costs incurred by these.
  2. The Author and the ULB agree to inform each other immediately if Third Parties make Claims to the Title specified in §1 known to them.
  3. The ULB is entitled to suspend the Publication of the Title online temporarily or permanently, if Third Parties state Copyright Claims against the Author and/or the University Library. The ULB is responsible to re-publish the Title only, if a final Court Judgement or a Declaration by the Third Party concerned verify that the aforementioned Claims are void.
  4. If Claims are made directly to the ULB by a Third Party, it is the Author’s Duty to present any Evidence and Information necessary to prevent such Claims. The Author is also obliged to inform the University Libary if such Claims are deemed justified.
  5. On Request, the Author is obliged to inform the ULB about any Granting of Rights of Use to Third Parties and about the Extent of the Rights granted.
  6. The Author is responsible for the Content of the published Title.
  7. The ULB shall assume no Liability for Disturbances occuring in the Data Networks or for possible Changes within the Data during Transfer.

§8 Storage Duration, Termination

  1. The Storage of the Publication in electronic Form is indefinite.
  2. The Contract can be terminated by both Sides without giving reasons within a Notice Period of 6 Weeks for the end of the Quarter. In Case of a Termination, Access to the Title will be blocked on the Publication Server. The University Library is not responsible for blocking the Publication of the supplied Copies specified in §4 Section 2.
  3. A Termination of Contract is not possible for obligatory Publications of Dissertations and Habilitations. In well-founded particular Cases (e.g. Copyright Claims), Access to the Document can be blocked and the Document can be re-published where applicable.

§9 Final Provisions

  1. Changes or Additions of these Terms must be made in written form.
  2. These Terms are subject to German Laws. As far as Circumstances are not regulated by a special Agreement between the ULB and Author, Legal Provisions apply.
  3. If certain Provisions of these Terms become partially or fully void, the Validity of the other Terms still applies. The Parties agree to form a Legal Arrangement in place of any void Terms that closely resemble the appropriate Provision.
  4. The Place of Jurisdiction is Halle (Saale).