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Kitāb-i Šāhnāma-i ḥakīm Abu-‘l-Qāsim Firdausī Ṭūsī

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As title number 15,000 (fifteen thousand) in our open-access repository MENAdoc, we present a beautiful large-sized edition of the so-called “Book of Kings”.

The Persian epic poem “Šāhnāmah” is the life’s work of the poet Abūl-Qāsim Firdausī (940-1020).

Here you will find the 4 volumes free to view or for download as PDF.

Schāhnāme Band 2, Seite 51–52
This issue was published in Bombay in 1855. It is illustrated with numerous lithographs, which are more effective in an enlarged view.


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