New Acquisition: ETLO

ETLO_CoverWe are pleased to announce that the FID Asia and the FID Middle East have been able to jointly provide a permanent licence for the Encyclopedia of Turkic Languages and Linguistics. This product is now available to you as a national licence.

The Encyclopedia of Turkic Languages and Linguistics (publisher Brill) is a comprehensive reference work that offers you articles by renowned experts in Turkic studies on a wide range of topics. You will find information on all aspects of the Turkic languages from Old Turkic to the language varieties spoken today.


As an important reference source in the field of Turkic languages, these topics and more are now available to you:

  • The languages of the Turkic language family, their structure, and their history
  • The writing systems of Turkic languages, their emergence, development, and current use
  • The history of Turkic linguistics
  • The acquisition of the Turkic languages
  • Language contact, area linguistics, and multilingualism
  • Turkic dialect studies
  • Computational linguistics of the Turkic languages
  • Generative approaches to Turkish
  • Turkish Sign Language

Further information and access are available on the provider’s website: To the database