Ottoman documents from the Franciscan monastery

Fojnica: Osmanski dokumenti iz arhiva Franjevačkog samostana

Prof. Dr. Michael Ursinus - FojnicaBosnia was conquered by the Ottoman Turks in 1463, and with it the Franciscan monastery of the Holy Spirit of Fojnica, founded in the 14th century.

Due to its eventful history, the monastery archive offers very special treasures such as the caftan of a sultan and over 3000 original documents in Turkish.

The Ottomanist Michael Ursinus has contributed to raising these treasures. In his publication the documents from the Franciscan monastery of Fojnica are systematically transcribed, translated and described. The work will be published in 6 volumes.

Here you can find the catalogue listing in the library system of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

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Fra Janko Ljubos (archivist and kustos)
Franjevački samostan Duha Svetoga
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