Aramaic – Linguistic Diversity across Three Millenia

The Centrum für Nah- und Mitteloststudien at University of Marburg is hosting a conference on ‘Aramaic – Linguistic Diversity across Three Millenia‘ from 25-26 September 2017.

The Programme:

September 25th: first conference day, CNMS, Room 01A03

09:00-09:30: Werner Arnold – Loans in Western Neo-Aramaic

09:30-10:00: Aaron M. Butts – The Aramaic Shafel in its Semitic Context

10:00-10:30: Eleanor Coghill – [follows]


11:00-11:30: Eran Cohen – [follows]

11:30-12:00: Riccardo Contini – Eastern Aramaic nautical vocabulary

12:00-12:30: Steven Fassberg – The Ethical Dative in Aramaic


14:00-14:30: Margaretha L. Folmer – The EA infinitive form in TQ and TJ

14:30-15:00: Samuel E. Fox – The Jilu dialect

15:00-15:30: Holger Gzella – [follows]


16:00-16:30: Charles Häberl – Greek influence in Mandaic

16:30-17:00: Simon Hopkins – The construction qaṭleh l-gabr

17:00-17:30: Otto Jastrow – Die Auflösung des Wurzel-Prinzips im NA

17:30-18:00: Geoffrey Khan – Copula clauses in NENA dialects


September 26th: second conference day, CNMS, Room 01A03

Elisabeth-Kirche Marburg
Blick auf die Elisabeth-Kirche

09:00-09:30: Alessandro Mengozzi – The tautological infinitive in (Neo-)Aramaic

09:30-10:00: Matthew Morgenstern – Earliest Evidence for Neo-Mandaic

10:00-10:30: Craig Morrison – Participle and Imperfect in Syriac


11:00-11:30: Hezy Mutzafi – Archaism in Tyare Neo Aramaic 11:30-12:00: Lidia Napiorkowska – Verbal morphology/modality in NENA

12:00-12:30: Na’ama Pat-El – The classification of Aramaic within Semitic


14:00-14:30: Stefanie Rudolf – Zum altaramäischen Verbalsystem

14:30-15:00: Michael Sokoloff – The CAL Project and the Aramaic dictionaries

15:00-15:30: Christian Stadel – Untergeordnete Verbformen im CPA


16:00-16:30: Shabo Talay – Vom Mittel- zum Neuaramäischen

16:30-17:00: Alina Tarshina – Fluctuations in state and number among nouns consisting of gentilic suffix -āy in Samaritan Aramaic

17:00-17:30: Rainer Voigt – Infinitivkonstruktionen im äthiopischen Vergleich


We thank The German Research Fund (DFG) for its support.

In case you have any further questions, please contact Stefanie Rudolf in Berlin ( or Michael Waltisberg in Marburg (