Servey: Access to the E-Marefa Database

Dear colleagues

The FID Middle East, North Africa and Islamic Studies has been given the opportunity to test the database of the Jordanian provider “E-Marefa”.


Attention this survey has ended!

We attach great importance to your professional judgment in the evaluation of these electronic materials. Therefore, we would like to ask for your help with the assessment.

With your help, we would like to find out how you rate the quality of this product and which institutes and seminars are interested in it. The database offers e-books, journals, articles, dissertations and reviews on the following topics:

  • Middle Eastern Studies
  • Islamic Studies and Arabic Literature
  • Palestinian Affairs and the Arab- Israeli Conflict
  • Maghreb Studies
  • Turkey and the Arab World

Should the majority be convinced by the offer, the FID would consider licensing and thus enabling a permanent access for your institution. We have already completed a similar process for you with the „Al Manhal Islamic Studies E-Book Collection“.

Trial Access

Please test the offer for content relevance for your research. Also notes about the function of the website in terms of scientific work are very welcome.

Link: E-Marefa-Datenbank
Username: **********
Password: **********


Please answer our little survey (German). This takes only a few minutes. Answers received by 30 June 2018 may be considered.

Thank you for your attention!

Your FID-Team