Your Research Story and the FID Middle East

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First Special Area Collection then Specialised Information Service – we have been providing you with academic literature from the MENA region and other research-related services for decades.

We have lending numbers and user statistics. Howerver, we don’t know the stories behind them.

Tell us in short or long statements what influence our service has had on your work!

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We would like to motivate colleagues, young scientists and students to use our service too thanks to your personal story.

Test Questions

If you can answer yes to any of the following questions, you have our full attention:

  • Did we help you with your research work?
  • Did we provide you with research literature?
  • Were we able to fulfil your acquisition requests?
  • What works have you produced?
  • Which sources from our holdings made it into your bibliography?
  • Do you refer to MENAdoc with DOIs or URNs?
  • In which seminar were our holdings used?
  • Have you saved time by using our Open Access digitisations and licences?
  • Have you secondary published works at our repository?
  • Were we able to help you with digital resources during the pandemic?
  • Did our tweets on exotic holdings make you laugh?
  • Is your research data better managed now because of our advice?
  • Did you sleep well through one of our roadshows?

We would like to publish your statement here on MENALIB – anonymously or with your name, title, research focus, institution and also with links to papers and projects.

Share your research story if our sources and services have contributed to it!

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