Workshop: Open Access Publishing in Islamic and Middle Eastern Studies

The FID in Discourse with Scholars and Librarians

The Specialised Information Service (FID) Middle East, North Africa and Islamic Studies invites to a virtual workshop on 28 March 2022.

Workshop Details

Place: virtual
Datum: 28 March 2022
Time: 1:00 p.m. – 5:00 p.m.
Participation: open (with registration)


Flyer: PDF Download

The main topic will be “Open Access Publishing in Islamic and Middle Eastern Studies” and will deal with the emerging opportunities for open access in our research field.

Transformation Initiative

In recent years, research funders such as the DFG have shown a strong commitment to sustained support for the transformation initiative in the sciences towards open access (OA). Libraries are actively involved in this process, for example by adapting their acquisition models.

How Do Our Subjects Rank?

However, where do Islamic and Middle Eastern Studies stand in this context? What would be the tasks of an FID with a focus on the Oriental disciplines?

In dialogue with academics who are involved in the publication and teaching process, as well as subject librarians who advise in the areas of research-related services and user training, we would therefore like to find answers to the following questions:

  • How important will OA publishing be in the publication process of our subjects in 2022?
  • What opportunities for publishing in OA are experienced by scholars of Islam and the Middle East?
  • Which offers from relevant publishers to bring out articles or books in OA are known and used?
  • What purpose do secondary publications (Green Open Access) serve in our subjects?
  • What is the significance of subject repositories such as MENAdoc in teaching, research and the publication process?
  • Are e-issues considered in the bibliographic references (including DOI/permalink) at all, or do you continue to refer primarily to the printed edition?

Get involved!

Other topics on open access publishing are very welcome, especially practical experiences from ongoing publication projects. Our main intention is to have a constructive dialogue with the participants. We would be very pleased about your participation.

Further Information

Link: Eine Erstlektüre der Open-Access-Empfehlungen des Wissenschaftsrates

(A first reading of the open access recommendations of the German Council of Science and Humanities)

Could you imagine to give a short presentation on one of the topics mentioned above, in which you especially talk about your experiences so far?

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