The Bibliographical Database for Historiography of Ottoman Europe

The “Bibliographical Database for Historiography of Ottoman Europe” is now live and offers several thousand bibliographical meta-data sets regarding works in over 20 languages – and much more.

The “Bibliographical Database for Historiography of Ottoman Europe (15th to 18th Century)” (HOE) is online since December 2017. It is the – continuously growing – result of a cooperation between the Chair for the History of the Ottoman Empire and Modern Turkey and the University Library of Ruhr-Universität Bochum, which has been funded by the DFG since 2014.

HOE-Website Screenshot

HOE-Website Screenshot

With a view to portraying historiography from the Ottoman part of Early Modern Europe comprehensively for the first time and with a special focus on sources from the Balkans, the project uses a twofold approach: On the one hand, on-site research in various libraries all around the world allows for the inclusion of diverse material. This also includes information on sources that have to date not been bibliographically treated, or only insufficiently so. On the other hand, the resulting bibliographical information is enriched with further meta-data and connected to resources which are available online. Thus, the project also accounts for the growing corpus of digital/digitized sources and material published under open access conditions. To systematically process and present its data, the project has developed its own system infrastructure. Here, researchers and other interested visitors have quick, concise and precise access to manifold metadata regarding individual texts, links to related and further material, and intertextual connections between several thousand data sets on sources in over 20 languages.

Further information regarding the project is available here.