Advisory Board Meeting 2023

The Specialised Information Service Middle East, North Africa and Islamic Studies held its fifth advisory board meeting on 13 December 2023.

The timing of the latest advisory board meeting was chosen with the upcoming new application in mind, which is due in 2024 for the FID Middle East. By presenting the goals already achieved from the third funding phase, which began in 2022, as well as an introduction to the plans for a possible fourth funding phase, a sustainable plan was drawn up in discussion with the Advisory Board members. The Advisory Board spoke out in favour of a further funding phase for the FID Middle East and confirmed its support from the specialist societies of the individual disciplines.

At this meeting, the wish of the Scientific Advisory Board to separate the institutions represented on the Advisory Board was also realised. As a result, the Advisory Board continues to consist of experts from a wide range of research disciplines, including representatives of research institutes and professional societies. Libraries specialising in Oriental Studies, on the other hand, will in future be adequately represented at the working meetings of Oriental librarians in the D-A-CH region. This separation serves the purpose of paying sufficient attention to both sides and being able to respond to the respective demands and wishes of both the library sector and the field of research and science.

The FID Middle East was pleased with the lively participation at the meeting and would like to thank all members of the advisory board for their participation and willingness to support the FID with their knowledge and commitment.

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