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The archive contains all available issues from 1980 – 2019. Digitisation of all available newspapers from 1924 onwards is planned.

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About the Archive


Established in May 1924, Cumhuriyet (“The Republic”) is the oldest secular Turkish daily newspaper and is widely considered one of the last remaining opposition newspapers in Turkey. Founded by journalist Yunus Nadi Abalıoğlu at the initiative of Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, Cumhuriyet was the first newspaper of the Turkish Republic and promoted a belief in democracy, secularism and the rule of law.

The newspaper has a daily circulation of over 30,000 and receives roughly 25 million visitors to its website each month. It is one of the most influential newspapers in Turkey and is regarded by domestic and foreign readers as a reliable source for impartial, intelligent news reporting.

Text recognition

The full text of the archive was obtained by digital character recognition (OCR) for the older editions. Some of them are based on microfilms and may therefore be less accurate.The more recent issues were available in higher quality or as digital originals and therefore they have more correct texts.


Attention: Unfortunately the provider made bad experiences in several countries with mass or automated downloads during the test phase. Therefore the PDF download has been deactivated. If the database is licensed, this restriction will not exist.

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