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    Classification Scheme of the FID catalogued by topics and regions General Works Islamic Studies Regions, Countries and Peoples Languages and Literatures ...
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    MENAdoc Search We offer worldwide free access to a large number of digital sources and publications relating to the MENA region and Islam via the MENAdoc portal. ...
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    Electronic Products for the Academic Community The Specialized Information Service Middle East, North Africa and Islamic Studies provides access to electronic products such as databases, e-books and e-journals that are subject to licensing. ...
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    Monthly updated lists of FID-acquisitions sorted by topics and regions with links to the catalogue ...
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    Search the Union Catalogue (GVK) Notes on Transliterations Which collections will be searched? This query delivers results from the following libraries with significant holdings for ...
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    (Deutsch) Hier entstehen zu den verschiedenen, von unserem FID betreuten Disziplinen detaillierte fachspezifische Beschreibungen der Literaturbestände, die von der ULB Sachsen-Anhalt (und ...
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