Calendar Conversion

Enter the year you want to convert (Gregorian or Hiǧra) into the left field and click the button for the conversion.

The result is an approximate date. The turn of the year is ignored here. Every Hiǧra year corresponds to one Gregorian year and vice versa.

The conversion is based on the follwing formulae: G=H-(H/33)+622 and H=G-622+(G-622)/32 (Carl Brockelmann: Arabische Grammatik, 12. neubearbeitete Auflage, Leipzig: Harrassowitz, 1948, p. 209).

If you want to convert exact dates including month and day please go to the converter offered by the website Conversion of Islamic and Christian dates by J. Thomann or to the N.A.B. Rechner developed by Nikolaus A. Bär.