Women as Transmitters of the Hadith

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al-Wafāʾ bi-asmāʾ an-nisāʾ

mausūʿat tarāǧim aʿlām an-nisāʾ fi ‚l-ḥadīṯ an-nabawī / taʾlīf ad-duktūr Muḥammad Akram an-Nadwī ; murāǧaʿat laǧna min al-ʿulamāʾ bi-riʾāsat al-ustāḏ ad-Duktūr Hāšim Muḥammad ʿAlī Ḥusain Mahdī… Read more

Warm Greetings at the Turn of the Year

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The team of the specialised information service Middle East wishes you a Merry Christmas and a Healthy New Year.

Despite lockdown and holidays – our digital resources continue to be available to you around the clock.… Read more