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    Despite Corona Virus: Specialized Information Service Due to the current health situation, our library has closed its doors to visitors. But we will continue to support you in your research. ...
  • Classification Scheme of the FID

    Classification Scheme of the FID catalogued by topics and regions ...
  • Digital Learning

    Sorry, this entry is only available in German. ...
  • E-Marefa

    The database provider has opened its complete site for the circle of users of our Specialized Information Service for 2 months. E-Marefa includes topics such as Middle East Studies, Maghreb Studies, Islamic Studies and Arabic Language or the Palestinian Affairs and the Arab-Israeli Conflict. ...
  • Kavkaz

    The newspaper Kavkaz (Caucasus) was published during 1846-1918. It was the first Russian-language newspaper in the Caucasus, published in Tiflis (Tbilisi), Georgia. ...
  • “Bjulag-dagi” – Publikation in Judeo-Tatischer Schrift

    This reading primer in the spoken language of the so-called “Mountain Jews” was published in Baku in 1926 as part of a Soviet campaign to alphabetize the nationalities of the USSR ...
  • Free Software for Free Books

    Our Open Access repository MENAdoc will get a new technical infrastructure over the next months. Perspectively, the entire collection will be moved to Share_it – our instance of the free document server DSpace. ...

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  • The Specialized Information Service (FID)

    The Specialized Information Service (FID) Middle East-, North Africa- and Islamic Studies provides highly specialized research materials from the countries of the MENA region for German researchers. It is funded by the German Research Foundation (DFG) ...
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    How to find our Branch Library in Halle and how to reach the right contact person of the Specialized Information Service (FID) Middle East-, North Africa- and Islamic Studies ...

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