Global Digital Humanities Symposium

An der Michigan State University findet vom 16.-17. Mai 2017 ein Global Digital Humanities Symposium statt. Das Programm wird veröffentlicht, sobald es verfügbar ist.

Die Kernthemen sind:

  • Critical cultural studies and analytics
  • Cultural heritage in a range of contexts
  • How identity categories, and their intersections, shape digital humanities work
  • Global research dialogues and collaborations
  • Indigeneity – anywhere in the world – and the digital
  • Digital humanities, postcolonialism, and neocolonialism
  • Global digital pedagogies
  • Digital and global languages and literatures
  • The state of global digital humanities community
  • Digital humanities, the environment, and climate change
  • The practice of digital humanities across textual, historical, and media divides
  • Innovative and emergent technologies across institutions, languages, and economies
  • Open data and open access policies in a global, postcolonial context
  • Scholarly communication and knowledge production in a global context

Rethinking Late Ottoman Civilization


An der University of Texas at Austin findet vom 24.-25. März 2017 ein Symposium zum Thema ‚Rethinking Late Ottoman Civilization‚ statt. Der Call for Papers ist noch bis zum 31. Oktober 2016 offen. Das Programm wird veröffentlicht, sobald es verfügbar ist.

Geplante Themen sind:

  • Daily Life in the Empire
  • Justice
  • Aesthetics of Love (Aşk)
  • Family
  • Politics
  • Minority Communities
  • Trade and the Economy

International Tashkubrīzādah Symposium

Das İlmi Etüdler Derneği  hält vom 18.-20. November 2016 das ‚International Tashkubrīzādah Symposium‚ ab. Der Call for Papers ist noch bis zum 31. August 2016 offen. Das Programm wird veröffentlicht, sobald es verfügbar ist.


  • Tashkubrīzādah’s World: Ottoman Intellectual Life in the Sixteenth Century and Its Sources
  • Tashkubrīzādah’s Geography: Intersecting Intellectual Paths of Transoxania, Khorasan, and the Lands of Rūm
  • Tashkubrīzādah’s Universe: Cosmology, Causality and the God-World Relationship
  • Mind, Knowledge and Existence: Tashkubrīzādah’s Understanding of the Existence in the Mind
  • Language and Meaning: Sciences and Philosophy of Language in Tashkubrīzādah.
  • Tashkubrīzādah and the Tradition of Kalām
  • Writing History of Sciences: Miftāḥ al-sa‘āda and Historiography of Sciences
  • Tradition of the Classification of Sciences and Tashkubrīzādah
  • Tradition of the Linguistic Sciences and Tashkubrīzādah
  • Practical Sciences and Ethics in Tashkubrīzādah
  • Tradition of Writing Islamic Bio-bibliography and Tashkubrīzādah

Ottoman Empire-Hungarian-Habsburg Contacts and Suleiman the Magnificent

Die Turkish Historical Society hält vom 23.-27. November 2016 ein Symposium über „Ottoman Empire-Hungarian-Habsburg Contacts and Suleiman the Magnificent“ in Budapest ab. Das Programm wird veröffentlicht, sobald es verfügbar ist.

Behandelte Themen laut Website:

  • Ottoman-Hungarian-Habsburg relations from beginning to 1918
  • Ottoman-Hungarian-Habsburg relations in the Age of Suleiman the Magnificent
  • The last campaign of Suleiman the Magnificent and his death
  • Treaties between the Ottoman Empire and Hungarys
  • Treaties between the Ottoman Empire and the Habsburg Empire
  • Diplomatic, economic and social and cultural relations between these powers
  • The first and second sieges of Vienna and their ramifications
  • The Congress of Vienna (1815) and its consequences
  • The Congress of Berlin (1878) and its impact on Ottoman-Austria/Hungary relations
  • Habsburg and Hungarian Influence on Ottoman modernization
  • Hungarian sources on Ottoman history
  • Ottoman sources on Hungarian history